Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Trans North America Run begin?

The Trans North America Run begins on 19th May, 2015.

What is the overall distance from San Francisco to New York?

The overall distance is close to 3,200 miles approximately, or over 5,000 km.

How do I donate to Alvin Matthews?

Please click on the following link to donate: 

How long will Richard run each day?

He will generally run anywhere from 30-50 miles, depending on heat, altitude, terrain, blisters and fatigue.

Has anyone run across the USA before?

Yes, Forrest Gump.

Is Richard trying to run as fast as he can across the USA?

No, there are much faster routes and better times of year for running across the USA!

Will Richard take any days off during the run?

Yes, he will inevitably have enforced breaks through injury. He will also travel to Chicago to give a talk in July, and may need to travel oveseas on work-related business for a few days. He will likely run for 90 days.

Where will Richard stay each night of his run?

At the end of each day's run, he will travel to a neaby hotel or motel. He will then recommence running from where he stopped the previous day.

How does Richard get support during each day's run?

A support driver will drive ahead and ideally stop every four-five miles. Richard will get food and drinks from the car as required and may also have the occassional nap.

What will Richard eat and drink each day?

Richard takes no supplements or energy gels whatsoever. He will drink water, gatorade, sprite, coke, protein recovery drinks and beer. He will eat what he feels like: crisp (potato chip) sandwiches, jelly, ice cream, chocolate, cheese, pizza, eggs, french fries, fish, chicken, bread, and more chocolate.

How many calories will Richard burn each day?

He has no idea and doesn't care.

How many different pairs of running shoes will Richard wear?

Probably five to eight pairs.

What date is the run expected to finish in New York?

Richard expects to finish at Battery Park, New York on 5th or 6th September 2015.

How do I get progress reports or pictures?

Check out the Facebook page at 

How can I contact Richard?

You can email him at